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Don'ts of Self Promoting in Yt Comments

Orion Blue

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Oct 20, 2016
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Ditto! The only way to self promote in the comments is to just post good comments without the "Could you check out my channel?" part. Like this one guy commented on my video where I was like, "Huh...that's actually a really nice comment I think I'll check out his chann-" before I noticed the self promotion part. Instantly marked it as spam. Seriously, just be the "YOU'RE EVERYWHERE" cool guy.


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Nov 12, 2016
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Promoting yourself in the comments is kind of getting annoying. If you want to promote yourself in the comments, I highly suggest you look at these rule I made up. These are just my opinion so don't take them too seriously. Just know that I will not check out or subscribe to your channel if you do these things.

Don'ts of Self Promoting in Comments

1. Don't comment if you don't have any videos. I kept seeing this one guy comment telling people to check out his channel, but there were no videos. I bookmarked his channel and four months later, still no videos.

2. Don't say "I make videos similar to ___, unless it is true" This one person commented on a vloggers channel, saying they make similar content, but they were a minecraft channel.

3. Don't create fake accounts to thumbs or up comment on your comments. This one is obvious and eventually people find out. I've seen a few of these.

4. Don't comment saying to check out your channel if you haven't made a video in months. If you haven't made a video in 3 months, you shouldn't be spend time commenting to get viewers. Instead, spend time making a new video.

5. Don't comment if there is a video on your channel, saying "I don't care about the numbers." This makes you a hypocrite. There is this one YouTuber who has a few thousand subscribers but still has the need to comment. However, on a couple videos he says he isn't it for a lot of subs and doesn't care how many subs he gets. hmmmm.

6. Don't forget to proofread your comment. This one should be a rule if you making any comment on a YouTube video in general.

7. Don't comment on smaller Youtubers channels with for sole intent of self promotion. If they have under 100,000 subs chances are they read every single comment, I think it insulting to do this to smaller channels. Just the other day, a person commented to check out their channel and they had more subs then the person they were commenting on.

8. Don't apologize, if you were really sorry you wouldn't do it. No need to say sorry, when you know you aren't.

9. Don't expect that you will gain a million subscribers overnight just from self-promoting via comments. You might gain a few, but it won't be that many.

10. Don't resort the comments as the only way to grow your channel. There are plenty of other ways to grow your channel like collabs, social media, better titles, tags, and thumbnails, or just making quality content.

Tell me what you think. Do you find these helpful?
haha awesome! do you have any DOs?
Feb 11, 2018
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number 7 omg. I rarely used to comment on other peoples videos for some reason even before ever uploading to youtube because I was a bit shy I think. So when someone comments on my video I think wow they have the guts to just type and hit submit and I read it always because I'm a tiny channel. I ALWAYS get youtubers with a sizeable sub base commenting on my video but with no relation to my content or me just to self promote.

What do you think is it best to just delete those comments?
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