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Do you really need an 100 subs to get an custom URL ?

Discussion in 'YouTube Chat, Gossip & Help' started by AngelineCommander, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. AngelineCommander
    Liking YTtalk
    I have no Idea where post the text to verify the link to my Facebook page....
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    Well that didn't work guess I'll need 100 subs....
  2. Pixel & Bracket
    I've Got It

    It's not your facebook page. It has to be an actual website with the domain and everything. For instance, I own pixelandbracket.com and had to verify that with Google and Youtube in order to set up a custom url. And I did this well before 100 subs last year, however it did have to be after all the other parameters: like 30 days since creation, uploaded avatar, etc..

    This is from the site I posted prior:

    Associate Website for Custom YouTube URL of your Choice

    If you have a website with custom URL keyword in your domain name, you might be able to skip some YouTube requirements and get the custom YouTube URL of your choice.

    Once you associate your website in your YouTube channel dashboard, YouTube might email you with an offer to claim suggested custom URL of your choice. Here’s what the email looks like offering you to claim your custom URL.

    Please note that this email is for custom Google+ URL, but once you get this notification, you will also have the same custom URL available for your YouTube channel.

    Steps to associate your Website with YouTube for Custom URL

    Follow the instructions below to get your website associated with your YouTube channel.

    The custom URL offered is mostly based on the domain name that you own and provided that others haven’t claimed the custom URL already. To associate your website with your YouTube channel, you should have your website added and verified in Google search console.

    – Go to Google Search Console and sign-in with your Google account. Click on Add a Property and enter the URL of your website.

    You will be presented with several options that you will need to complete to verify the domain name. After you proceed, you will see a success message verifying the ownership of your domain with Google Search Console.

    Once you have your website successfully verified in Google Search Console, you can then associate with your youtube account. Follow the steps below.

    When logged in, Navigate to Advanced Channel Settings of your YouTube Channel by clicking your account > Creator Studio > Channel > Advanced.

    2. Under the “Associated website” section on the Advanced settings page, enter your website URL in the box and click Add.

    3. If you have successfully completed the verification in Google Search Console with above steps, you will instantly see a success message with a green dot. Click Save to make your change.

    In other cases, you will be guided to verify your website in the Google Search Console. If you see Pending, You can either click Verify if you own the website (after adding in search console) or Request approval to have a web admin approve it.

    Once you have associated your website, wait for few days and you might get an email from Google+ or a YouTube notification for your custom URL even if you don’t meet all the requirements (mainly the minimum subscriber option).
  3. Gaijillionaire
    I've got a yen for being in Japan!
    Basically you need 100. I’ve read older posts here that google plus followers count as subs. Maybe not the case anymore

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