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Did you have a good amount of dislikes when you first started?


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Oct 23, 2015
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Reddit is not a great place if you just start posting videos willy nilly hahaha I noticed this: You have to be (1) an active member in that community, (2) sure that the content is gripping and not "wasting" their time(that's how some view it.. so yea lol) (3) have the karma to back your posts.

If you jump in only promoting yourself, redditers will view you as an outsider that doesnt care about anyone but themselves. I've have videos gain a lot of views and likes, but I also had a video from back in the early days that got dislike flamed because the intro was too long hahhaa.

Think of Reddit as as similar to yttalk in this respect. Ytalk requires you to post and interact before you can start promoting your links and videos yes? Reddit is very much the same, only it is an unwritten requirement, while YTtalk it is an actual rule.