Gaming YT PC Gaming Collaboration


Hey guys, I am currently looking for a group of people to record videos with for my youtube channel. My goal for this group is not only to make funny videos and chill, but to also enjoy the games we choose to play. Speaking of games, the games I have are Cod Bo3, Cod Modern Warfare, Rainbow Six Siege, Rust, Minecraft, Gmod, Dead by Daylight, GTA V, Apex Legends, Cuisine Royale, and VRChat. I currently live in the Eastern US, which may help with the time I will be online to others.

- Decent Microphone
- Discord
- Upload frequently
- Be Humorous and fun to play with
- If for some reason you don't upload youtube videos, please be active so others can get content

Please contact me on discord if this thread interests you, we would be happy to have you here. My discord is: DrVintage#3609
Hello! i have most of the games you talk about in your post and i think i fit all your requirements i have sent u a friend request my username is TheGrimReaper i have just started my youtube channel and i plan on being frequent from now on contact me n discord when u see my request really looking forward to playing with you