Hello! My name is Larissa Zellmer and I post similar content to you! I am looking to do collaborations to grow but also just to know other people who are on YouTube! I live in LA, do you ever travel here?

Your videos are so nice girl! You gave me so much inspiration to just get up and travel![DOUBLEPOST=1541005289,1541005217][/DOUBLEPOST]
I've recently started a new YT channel that will base on Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Tech, DIYs, and MORE! I'm looking to grow my YT network and friendships with other YouTubers to support each other and help each other grow!

I am also looking to collab! It would be wonderful if I could find some local Youtubers to collab with, but I'm also happy to do long distance collabs as well! I'm based in Houston, TX, but also do a lot of traveling.

I look forward to meeting, chatting, and creating with you all!!
Hey doll! Nice to 'meet' you. I live in NY, but if I'm ever in TX I'll reach out. I'm always looking for friends in the community!