YouTube Upload Error


Happy New Year
WHAT THE HELL!!!!!! I keep getting this stupid error.. I spent a long time editing this video and now it would upload... alwaysomin has to happen.. just work god other videos upload just fine..

have you guys gotten this

An error has occurred while sending data over the network. Please check your network connection and try uploading again.

I already did everything still nothing...I quit
Maybe Youtube's right and there is sometime wrong with your connection. You could try troubleshooting it. And if that doesn't work, look it up on Youtube to see if there's anyone else going through the same thing and try to fix it. Other than that, I dunno man. It hasn't really happened to me before. Possibly rendering issues?
I don't kow what the deal is... I just tried to upload videos that I already uploaded and those wont even work -_- already restarted it.. turn modem off for 30 seconds... I give up
Perhaps if you can try uploading from a different source, like a friend's house or from the library, etc. That way you'll be able to cross off whether or not it really is your internet connection or could be the videos (even though it doesn't seem to be because of the error type and you reuploading old videos). This is very weird indeed though, I definitely haven't had this happen to me before. Best of luck trying to resolve it, brother
Hmm...Maybe try cleaning out your temporary files? Sometimes those can clog up stuff and cause the computer to do weird things. Are you using an old Internet browser version? You might need to update your internet browser (or maybe it updated to a newer version YouTube isn't ready for??). Maybe try uploading with Firefox vs. Chrome vs. Internet Exploder. If the video is on an external drive, I'd copy it over to your main computer and try again. Also, I'd reboot the computer. Rebooting always fixes a lot of stuff.

It could be a lot of things, but I'm suspecting it's a browser issue.. =/ It might also be YouTube being weird today.