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Aug 3, 2016
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Have you been thinking about making a YouTube channel for years but still worrying about putting your face on camera?
If you’re anyone like me, you probably don’t like having your picture taken let alone recording yourself on camera but If you still want to start a YouTube channel and earn passive cash from the channel without showing your face, then Don’t worry!

There are many different ways to make videos for YouTube, even if the thought of appearing on camera makes your blood pressure rise
In this post we are going to be looking at The best YouTube Channel Ideas without showing your face, the tool to use and examples of big earning youtube channels where the owners don’t show their face.

One of the basic things you need for creating any video without showing your face is a background audio.
Now depending on the type of video some video creators use a royalty free music in the background of their videos while others like myself use a voice over which you can do yourself by recording your voice or using a tool like spechelo which will help Instantly Transform Any Text Into A 100% Human-Sounding Voice Over with only 3 clicks

You can easily take an audio and put it together with stock images or short video clips also known as b-roll video to come up with unique video that you can upload on youtube without any problems

I will be showing you later in this post where to get stock images and b-roll video clips for free
Now, You don’t have to worry about being perfect when getting started no one starts perfect. The critical thing to remember is sticking with it. You have to hold on and persist in the early days while your channel grows. You can always improve on your video creation quality later on as your channel grows.
Ideas for YouTube Channels you can Start Today without Showing your Face.

Now The most common channel idea without showing your face on YouTube is creating a Gaming channel
Now I know not everyone is skilled or talented to be a gamer but because of the fact that there are a lot of gaming videos online from video streamers to creative common videos you don’t have to be a gamer to be able able to create a gaming channel.
You can take for example around 10-15 minutes video clips from different top streamers and just add an intro and an outro to it, edit it together and uploads it as a video on your channel.

When it comes to creating the intro and outro of your videos, all you have to do is explain what the whole video is all about and of course don’t forget to ask your viewers in the video to subscribe to your channel and that’s it.

Now although I am not particularly sure about the rights of videos on other streaming platforms like twitch, a channel like the First Fam channel on youtube is using a similar strategy and they are absolutely crushing it

Another way to get videos that you can put together is by going to youtube and typing in the keyword of the video you want to create. Then filter the results by clicking on the creative common tap and selecting a couple of good quality videos, cut and put portions of the selected videos together mixing it up a little using a video editor and upload it as a unique video on youtube

You can know for sure a video is under creative license on youtube by clicking through to the video page and below in the description box you will see where it says creative common attribute

Haven said that, to always be on the save site you always want to really do good editing to make your video unique, possibly add a link back to the original videos you used in creating your video in your video description

The best way of using youtube creative common videos to create a completely unique video is by creating a list video….

Take for example you can create a “10 best kills on Fortnite” or “5 epic Fortnite fails” things like that.

These types of videos topics are actually killing it in the gaming niche right now on youtube.

The Second Type of Channel Ideas without Showing your Face is by Creating Fail Compilation videos
Now don’t judge me but whenever I feel a little low, I prefer watching fail compilations videos which bring a smile to my face.
Although I do feel sorry for the people in the videos, it makes me chuckle about how stupid we humans can be some times.

Now If you’re anything like me, you probably most have watched hundreds of such fail compilation videos just to lighten your mood. Ironically, sometime we share the videos further to our friends and families who increase the views and make it go viral.

It’s easy to start a fail compilation channel on youtube, and all you have to is find and compile funny fail videos from social media.

The Best Fails channel on youtube is doing exactly that and again they are killing it with millions of views and subscribers

Their videos are made up with just simple introduction of a graphic that contains infos about the channel and a voice over of what the video is about, and then comes the fail videos clips other people have posted on social media.

Now in the case of the best fail channel people are actually submitting their videos currently to the channel before it is posted on the channel and the only reason for that is because the channel is now in its thousands of subscribers

When you dig down to this channel older videos, you will see that the channel also started with basically crappy videos clips. The owner of this channel probably started also by just uploading youtube creative common or videos from platforms like facebook and the others

Another channel idea you can start with that doesn’t involve showing your face is Making a Home Cooking channel
Now the next time you want to cook something delicious, just get a camera and start shooting. If your instructions are clear and you have a unique recipe to show, it won’t be hard to get loyal audience base from youtube
Cooking videos gain quick subscribers and view nowadays. simply Display your ingredients, focus your camera on the gas or oven, and start showing your viewers how to cook with your hands, without showing your face…actually you can make amazing cooking videos without showing your face

The example of a cooking channel I will be using in this case is actually not from a top youtuber but from an upcoming one, the channel is called MyLifeAsLoveline.

Loveline is actually just started this channel a few months back, now when you go through her videos you will see that she is showing you how to make cameroon dishes in her videos without showing her face.

She can later on monetize this channel with youtube adsense, as well as Sell recipe books or teach cooking in the future the opportunities are endless

The next type of channel ideas without showing your face is by Creating how-to videos.
People ask the internet ‘how do something…’ millions of times per day. It’s the first place people go when they need help with a problem.
Now you can use your knowledge to set up a how-to channel yourself on something you are good at.

You’ll find there are plenty of niches out there where you can educate others without needing to show yourself on video.

For example, do you know how to use a piece of software better than most people? if so simply Screen-record yourself showing people how to use the software on your computer; there are always people looking for a helpful video.

How to videos sometimes require some research and expertise from your end, but if done right, there’s vast potential.

You can teach kids “how to draw an apple,” grown up men “how to tie a tie,” and women “how to wear a wig the right way ” for example

How to videos aren’t limited to a specific set of audience, and there will always be room for growth.

Now because listing all the channel ideas without showing your face in this post will take us forever I will be dropping a list of channel ideas without showing you face at the end of this post.

So, as you can see there are lots of ways you can make money on YouTube without showing your face.

you can also use stock images and b-roll footage from sites like Pexels, Pixabay, and Unsplash for free without attribution.

Now let me know in the comments area below, Which one of the YouTube channel ideas you found the most interesting? And if you have another interesting YouTube channel ideas missing, do not also forget to drop it below in the comments area.

Now whatever you choose to do you have to understand that Success won’t happen overnight.

To be able to make money on youtube, you need to keep uploading compelling, fresh content regularly and don’t let the dislike of showing your face on camera hold you back.

simply Find your niche and make it happen…..with all that I will call this a wrap hope it was helpful

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