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Aug 31, 2011
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This thread is to help you understand what our "You are unable to create new threads here. For more info see here." message means. When you see this message it can mean one of four things:

1. You dont have VIP or Video Forum Access to post within the Videos and Channels forum for more info on VIP and Video Forum Access please see here:

2. You have created more than 5 threads at YTtalk within 1 hour, a limit has been put in place temporarily. The limit will lift automatically after an hour passes from creating the threads.

3. You are attempting to post in the News and Announcements forum or within the Articles & Resources parent forum, the news and announcements forum is reserved for staff only to post YTtalk related announcements.

4. You are trying to post in the reviews section but have made a review request in the past week. Members are only permitted 1 review thread per week.

5. The last thing it can mean is that there is a permission error with your account that may need looking into by a member of staff. If you have looked at the above possibilities and believe it isnt any of those why the error is showing feel free to create a support thread in the Site Support & Suggestions forum:

Thank you for reading.
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