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I understand that a lot of people don’t write scripts, but, for those who do, what’s your process? I’ve been struggling lately with procrastinating and figured maybe having a more structured and organized writing process would help. A lot of my videos involve preparation and making sure things are written out before I record. Thanks for sharing!
A lot of people will tell you "Don't script it, just write bullet points", but I disagree with this. When you bullet point things there still is room for you to miss some things you wanted to say or it could make the video feel jumbled.

I personally write out everything I want to say word for word, but then when I go to record my I go off script a bit so it doesn't sound so scripted.

At the end of the day, writing a script is like writing an outline for an essay. You want to highlight the main points you want to make.

Yeah I tried the bullet point technique when I first started, but it just didn’t work out well for me and the type of content I’m making. I can see how it may sound scripted though. Thanks for the feedback!
I haven't made scripted videos since I deleted my last channel at 3000 subs, but I remember it fondly.

My process has always been 'I'm an absolute god at writing nothing can stop me pale in comparison mortals'.

In reality, it's a little chaotic. My brain can jump from one idea to another in the middle of a paragraph, so my first drafts always end up as word vomit that needs a lot of editing. But that's a very effective first step: Just write. If you have an idea, splay it into fragments across a word doc, and don't stop for a second until you have a grandiose chunk of text to work from. If you just write without trying to criticize yourself, you will often find that you're able to flesh out your ideas very effectively, which will help you put them into something better suited for the spoken word.

Once editing begins, take all of the ideas that you've refined and summarize them effectively. If you don't have any jokes in your videos, you don't have to worry about comedic timing or tone contrast too much. Just focus on getting your ideas out clearly.

When you're coming to a final draft, read it at least three times. In your first read through, try to act as if you're a viewer. Speak out loud and think to yourself: Does this sound OK and make sense? If at any point that feels like a no, take notes on what was wrong so you can make changes accordingly.

Bullet points are only useful if you're naturally a talented speaker, I find. If you have trouble coordinating your speech without strict guidance, they will not help you very much, and you'll come up with very unorganized and poorly constructed dialogue. This is a problem a lot of popular Youtubers face, despite their subscriber count.

Those people telling you "Don't script it, just write bullet points" are one of two things.

Excellent speakers, or people with vapid dialogue.

It's ok to go off script a little while recording. That's just your brain naturally improving upon the written word. Your talent as a speaker will directly correlate with how specific your script needs to get. You'll eventually get a feel for how strict your scripts should be as you write more of them.

Try not to beat yourself up during script writing too, if that's something you tend to do. It's a pretty common issue with all forms of writing.
I think this will depend a lot on the type of content. But typically I find it helpful to start with an outline, allowing me to list my ideas and objectives. Then I record the content.

My third step is to write the script which will typically flow with the content (video). Adjustments are common along the way but this has become my standard workflow lately. I do get very detailed on my scripts since I am honestly not a good speaker naturally.

For the procrastination part, we are all quilty. One thing that has helped me lately is using my google calendar more often for specific tasks and goals.

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I write scripts now that I do skits, I do an Introduction, middle and an end, I find it works out well for this type of video. Maybe for non scripted videos, bullet points may be better depending on the person.
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