Gaming Why Tennis drills are a major for having a good tennis game?

Jasmin jazz

New Member
I have been playing Tennis with out any drill practice. One of my friend was so smart and play tennis supper all the time. We never discussed about how and why he is supereb at playing tennis.

One day he won back to back 4 games and I asked him how do he do it?

How he is so smart and so intelligent?

he told me that no one is smart and intelligent.

Its all about hard work we put in/

It's all about the practice we do every day.

Then he introduced me with the tennis machine drills
Now I am learning and practicing all the tennis drills to become the better tennis player.

I would like to suggest all of you tennis players to get into the tennis drills and see the difference.

Nevertheless, there are 10 drills to master, like dribbling, hitting the toss ball etc. There is not difficulty. Its simple and easy.

Thank you so much. Let me know in the comment.