Who inspired you to start youtube?

No one exactly "inspired" me. It was more so that I saw that there were really no good fitness channels out there that catered to everyone. Some fitness channels cater directly to women, some cater directly to men, directly to bros, and directly to people that is on the fence of wanting to get healthier and fit. My inspiration was to "draw" a bridge between all groups.
TheRadBrad. No one in my personal life has a youtube channel, well at least they haven't told me. lol But during some times I was feeling down and being at work was tough I found his channel and he always made me laugh and have a better day. I loved the fact that he loved games too and he seems so happy playing for people and that got me wanting to as well. I love games and played them since I was a kid. When I realize it was possible for me to play and record as well I decided to give a go. So wanting to play games for those who might not be able to get those games or want to see what the games are about seems like so much fun to me!
Shane Dawson. I wasn't even a fan of him. I never been subscribed to him. It just made me think how awesome it would be if I could make video's that a bunch of people would enjoy.
I was inspired by a thread on MoneySavingExpert who claimed to be making £20 a day from YouTube.