Which channels welcome video response?

I only allow approved video responses because 99% of the time, the responses to my videos have nothing to do with them. If it's actually a real video response to my video, I'll approve it.
with video responses i leave them on personalLy because thst drives traffic to you but i cant see how videos responses help.
With my video Most Video Responses Ever Youtube...I want it to live up to its name! and I had a thought that maybe down the line Youtube
will include the quantity of Video Responses in the ranking system..maybe they already do..If anyone knows please advise!
I think most people would love a video response, given that it's actually a response to the video, or related in some way. I like seeing youtubers I subscribe to responding to other channels. I've discovered some great channels that way. I would love a video response, that would be cool :)
Honestly I fail to see the point. If they accept video responses by default then your video will only be there for a short while before someone else gets bumped in front of you. I would approach someone in your genre and ask them personally.
Maybe YTTalk can create a thread that YTTalk members can reply if they allow video responses and genre/category of the channel and whether it is manual/auto approve? :)

With big channels, I agree that you might not get as much exposure since it gets bumped down rather quickly. For smaller channels that are growing somewhat bigger than yours but with less video response, then your video might stay there for a few days (this is the kind of channel that I am on a lookout for). If your channel is new, then even the small exposure might help. Like you don't have to do it all the time, but just do it every now and then so that you have varies traffic source instead of just one traffic source method.

I tried a big channel one, where there is already 7 pages, that is not good haha. No point video response those as I doubt anyone would be weird like me to go through 7 pages to find interesting videos >_>

I also tried a smaller channel that is growing steadily, I posted a video response (relevant response). It is not driving a tons of traffic, but so far that video is the most popular video in my channel (the channel is new).

I only have these 2 examples since I don't have many videos nor experience yet. But maybe someone else has similar feedback like my 2 examples? :]