When subs slowly start coming :)

I must say that I'm feeling very happy these days. Slowly subs started to come themselves, without me advertising my channel. It's a very good warm feeling, and makes you think you're doing good! Haha, just felt like sharing this :)
I love it when I get busy, can't check my channel for a few days or respond to comments, and I think "man I wonder if I've lost subs, probably nothing going on" and I've gained like 5 instead lol. I'm just like "I haven't even... done anything... sweeeeet" hahahaha
Thankfully, I know what you mean haha sometimes I see a notification on my iPod saying "namehere has subscribed to you on YouTube!" and I'm like "oh... well awesome!" :bounce:
Yeah! For me it feels good too when I start getting subs. Kongrats to you and keep it up! Always remember to have deals with the artists you upload, you never know what gets popular!
It's difficult for a vlogger/comedy channel to pick up but I've started noticing a difference. It's nice.
It is a great feeling. I've subbed to you just now as well. Great stuff.

I noticed that my subs started coming organically (is that a good word for it?) just two days ago when I hit 100 of them. 120 now.

:giggle: I love the feeling too! I think it's so much better than things like sub4sub because people actually pay attention to what you do and are interested..I hope
Yeah, Its very nice feeling :) Hope you guys get loads of subbies:)