What's gonna be the next big trend?

Aaaaaaannndd now I'm scared :eek:
First there was planking, then came the harlem shake and there have been loads of little things that have caught on. So what do you think could be next or what should it be?? If your idea is good enough we could get it trending, who knows. So what's your whacky idea for YouTubes next trends??? Go to town with it:)
I was thinking backflips over a running chainsaw would be a good one?
I think it's impossible to predict the next big trend. Is it just me? Or does it seem like the Harlem Shake has died down a bit?
Guys! What you fail to realize is that we should be coming up with the next big thing ourselves. We have the power. Whoever has the best idea...We'll all do it. Instant trend.