What would be your top tip for a newbie?

thank you, im too nice for that. I hate trolls so much, there is no need to be nasty. but if it happens i just delete and block. thanks very much :thumbsup2:
my favorite bit of advice, one of my favorite ever quotes is 'Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to sucess when they gave up' #alwaysbelieve
So true, if you truly work towards something you want you will get there in the end. ^_^
The best top tips on youtube i can fish out to you from my own experience and experiments is to have good content,high quality videos, engagement with your fans...this includes going the extra mile for them if need be and creating a strong social hub where they can reach you out of youtube..build a brand around you not the niche u cater for and have a particular style that screams you...like for example...when someone watches this vid..they know hey this is so and so...something along the lines of that LOL...hope this helped