What to consider when choosing a YouTube network

A lot of information there and all of it is good stuff, I will bookmark this post and come back to it as and when we are looking at signing with a network, This community is great for providing help. Good stuff.
Ok... so i applied for Vultra Network but i was with awesomenesstv, so i left awesomenesstv. And now I'm getting: "Vultra is still active with the current status of With ao/network" but its not true!!!! anyone know what to do
Thank you for this post, I am researching MCNs right now as my contract with my current one is up in March! Want to see which companies are best to work with and this was exactly what I was looking for as far as vetting my next company to work with!
Well here's my question. As an anime critic, is there a YouTube network I can join that focuses on anime related content? It seems that there's not a single network that caters specifically to anime.