What to consider when choosing a YouTube network

Ok im gonna let you guys know on a secret(I own youtube sub network)you are BETTER of with direct partnership simple fact is NO network will EVER help your channel grow unless your already huge.
Its simple math(example) you make $100.00 youtube will keep 45%=$45.00
While the 55% YOU keep BUT with a network the network will get a percentage of that 55%!

Now if you are just a direct partner with youtube you keep all of the 55%!
Thanks for sharing this important & meaningful information. I think it will be beneficial for all who are going to share informative knowledge about their services on YouTube
Opinion on a YouTube Network. That takes 0% revenue and has an adjusted fix rate that raises when grows and caps at 640.00USD and min 20.00USD. Follows the Youtube mcn practices since I applied and am under 1,000 subscribers. their services are free and the contract is not active til makes monetization requirement. Then once the contract is active. I have 30 days which will allow me to the 1-year contract. Is this legit. I found they are a company so sounds legit, but unsure?
I have very good impressions about working with partner program. I cooperate with AIR Media-Tech and I admit that the success and monetization of my channel is their job. I just couldn't make videos, and settings, and keep track of statistics, etc. I joined them when I had 3500 subscribers and now I have 47800. Of course they take part of my monetization, but I understand very well that without them I wouldn't have come to these results so quickly.