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Hey people I wanna ask a real question here so recently as I researched and made an observation nowadays I see people post old videos of dbz for example and still averaging views with little subs also whats the best thing to do to grow and don't say try to get your videos ranked or seo or the basics people give all the time I actually need honest opinions on something that can really benefit me, ive tried numorous methods and they seem not to work in 2018 all I see is people who lie about how they be successful.
don't say try to get your videos ranked or seo or the basics people give all the time

People say the "basics" all the time because they work. Believe it or not, there are no secrets to success that only big channels know about.

One of the basics is regular uploads. I checked your channel and you didn't upload anything for 9 months in 2017.

Another of the basics is "SEO" which you also mentioned in your post. Since you already mentioned it, when I checked out your channel 2 minutes ago, I was expecting to find SEO optimized videos. Instead I found this as your description of one of your videos:

"50Likes? Hey everyone make sure you subscribe and smash that like button for this awesome Call Of Duty Sniping"

(That is not an SEO -optimized description at all.)

So it seems you shouldn't be dismissing the basics because you aren't even doing the basics. :)

Coming back to the title of your thread - What will work in 2018 is what worked in 2017, 2016, 2015 and before. If the "basics" aren't working for you, then you definitely aren't doing them properly.

I'm going to lock this thread now because "How to grow?" threads have been asked and answered hundreds of times before. (The answers are indeed the basics.) Plus, I have just answered your question above by giving you the 2 most important things to work on - Regular uploads of good content with good SEO.

Here are some sections to check out (but there is no need to start a new thread):


Good luck. :)
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