What I gotta do to get a comment

Hey Amber,

Do you use CTA? ( Call to action )
just ask for them to leave a comment ( don't over do it tho )
What i personally do is i commented as first on my video's, Well most of them :D and always try to ask a question. Because i read somewhere that some people are afraid to comment as the first person :D

I dont know if this helps u but i hope is does :D
Yes I say comment and like all the words and nothing lol[DOUBLEPOST=1485987527,1485987381][/DOUBLEPOST]
OK good tags are descriptive words on what your video is about. So if I were to make a video on say 'how to play guitar' I would want tags that match what people are looking for, a tag is basically what someone would type into youtube you get to your video. So you would use tags like 'how to play guitar' which will obviously be very competitive, so you'll unlikely rank for it, but you'd still add it anyway. So thenow you would look for other tags that are less competitive, so if your video is on a specific guitar like a rick turner model one, you would put 'how to play a rick turner guitar' and also if you are teaching acoustic guitar you would add 'how to play acoustic guitar' as theye will be less competitive. I strongly advise you download tube buddy on your computer, it links to your youtube account and gives you a bunch of useful tools. It will tell how competitive a tag is, and once uploaded you can see where you rank for those tags, also you can view someone else's video tags to give you an idea. Hope that helps
Yeah I know I use tube buddy but I rarely get good tags even if I'm coming up with different ways to use the word