What has been your favorite moment on youtube?

The most satisfying moment... Let's see... When I uploaded my first video and cried because I was so happy to have finally done it, I think would be one of the most satisfying moments in my life, actually.
Getting my first comment! It was great to see they enjoyed my vid and that I didn't completely waste their time! Almost brought me to tears!
For me it was when I put out a certain advice video that was really close to my heart and I just wanted it to help people who are going through a hard time and I reallty hoped that it would just help someone.
When a video of my dogs on my personal channel (which was just set up to share with friends and family) went viral. It was crazy to see the view count go up and get emails from people wanting to license the video. I wish I had licensed it right away, but I didnt understand what it meant. My whole family got caught up in the excitement. My kids will still tell people they know that their mom has a video with over 100,000 views.