What do you want from Youtube?

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I've Got It
Hey guys,

I'm just wondering what everyone wants to gain from Youtube. Do you make videos for fun? Do you make them with the goal of getting subscribers? Because your bored? Because you want to do something productive?

I know people have different motivations for making videos and I was just wondering what your motivations are. :)

Personally I want to learn mainly, I like learning about what works well on there and to be honest I wouldn't mind specialising in YouTube marketing, audience targeting etc and perhaps having a client base around that where I would market their channels for them and so on.

I do my background videos so others know what's the latest ones on the sites, so really to promote the websites and it is the same with my YouTube based ones, to help get people over here and so they know theres knowledge over here which is being shared. I enjoy doing them at the same time as I have never done videos with me speaking on them before and I hope some day I can provide a wealth of knowledge on there but I am of course still learning the same as everyone else :)

I like being productive and helpful/useful too and if that gets me a subscriber/video views it makes me happy to know people are watching, liking what they're watching and want to hear some more.
I post pretty much just my storm chasing and weather videos on there. In the storm chasing community, it has become pretty competitive and to make a name for yourself, you need to have good quality footage, so that is what I use YouTube for these days.

I suppose I just hope to gain followers of my work and some sort of reputation in the chasing world :)
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