What are your goals?

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I've Got It
I feel like everyone has a goal for their channel, and even though the most common thing people say is, its a hobby, who wouldn't want to have a solid channel?

How many subscribers do you think you would be happy with, 1000,10,000, 100,000? Personally, my goal would be to have a solid fan base that would care enough to listen to a QnA video and actually request for it, that would be cool.

mmm dem subs.
I think my goal would be a solid fan base as well. A steady increase would be nice too. To me it's not really about the views or subscribers.
i would be happy with 0 subs, as long people enjoy my content. ive never been serious about my channel really, i dont really care a lot and i started it out of boredom to get some experience with editors and photoshop etc.
my goal is to have a strong solid fan base, gain 1,000 video views on my channel, at least 1,000 subscribers for my channel, and finally partner with the StyleHaul Network
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