What are your fans called?

i don't really call them anything, the funny thing is people with 10 subs do it and that's basically naming only a couple of people :p
I just refer to them as "YouTube" or guys, never really called them anything. I MUST THINKZ OFZ NAMEZ. :D
Well, when I'll have some fans, I'd call them viagras because they're the reason why I'd be more pumped to make even more videos for them and show how much they've been effective for me and my hard work throughout long hours. I will also get the job done!

Nah just kidding. We'll see where it goes...
Mine i think is going to be F***ers lol joking, but I did send a message out on facebook saying "new vid out f***ers go check it" and that got a good response lol wired but oh well. I only got 16 subs prob easier just to learn there name for me instead of thinking of a group name lol
My casual viewers are "mortals", and I call my suscribers "Immortals", and yeah, not many mortals or immortals yet! haha.
When I start getting a Fan base soon, my fans are going to be called "Nerds" and the people I do collabs/guest with the most are called "NoLifeNerds", hence the name lol.