What am I doing wrong?


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I've been doing Youtube for a while, creating a lot of channels (for fun, nothing serious) and now I've found a thing that I like to do and focus on,
along side with some good friends.
I'm the one editing all the videos, making thumbnails, banners etc.

We had a decent flow in the beginning, but now we're stuck at low views and zero gain of subscribers - we're stuck at 75 subscribers.
I'm aware that growing a channel takes a lot of time and doesn't happen in many years, but is there anything I could do different with the editing, or with the thumbnails that could attract more people? We've niched into Tabletennis videos, even though it may not be popular, there certainly is a crowd out there.
We're not trying to imitate other youtubers whose famous in the tabletennis community, we try to put our own twist, making it more of a comedy, and it being light-hearted instread of super serious. We keep a consistency in uploading shorts every day, and a new video every friday.

So, I'm looking for some tips and tricks, were I go wrong and what could be better!

Here's the channel:
Here's 2 videos:

Thank you!