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Hey, I've had some concerns that I may end up getting some of my videos taken later on, especially those that I don't introduce myself in. Therefore I've added a watermark in the corner of these videos, it can be seen in my latest "20 Ways To Die In Halo 4" on my channel LaughingLimes. Could you just check it to make sure that it's not to large etc, as I need it recognizable but not distracting.
I think you can make it 4 times smaller. ;)
^ agreed :) most youtube videos with watermarks are very small, and think about T.V channels as well! the watermarks take a much smaller proportion of the screen than that... it is a good idea to have a watermark on your videos, but I would definitely have it smaller :D
If it was my watermark I would either have just the text at the bottom right or the text at the bottom right with the image smaller to the left of it as a slightly larger size than the text.
yeah you dont want really big watermarks anyways youtube has their own version of them now so just use thiers