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Feb 27, 2020
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Cumbria uk
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I'll put it out there... 30+ only! I'm uk based, i'm not looking for people that want to make vids but actually don't have the time for it!! What kind of vids? Minecraft, Gta, platformers, stuff like that but on a comedic level, PC mainly... so nothings taken serious! I have a channel where the vids would go and that would be a group effort to get views to. Last year i had a stab, the people i recorded with, we gelled really well, Search DustedNerd and check out the minecraft vids for an idea of what i'm getting at. Unfortunately it just fizzled out, i think just probably because any success of course is a long game.. Some aren't patient but there we go. Too many people though do get in touch with the yea i wanna make some vids but are only looking to find away that works only for them but not as a group... I'm genuinely looking for a group to record with to grow a channel that i see as ours, not mine. So, serious takers, must have a sense of humour, nothing too dark though as i wanna try reach out to all ages viewing. We can pre arrange the blocks of recording if needed but i think just hit record and see what happens is the best approach, previous vids weren't really planned. But anyhow.. If you wanna chat further about it use discord... Add me DustedNerd#5028 .. I say 30 plus btw as i'm 37, i'd see something wrong whilst speaking to a teen in Minecraft whist recording videos lol...