Vidnami Alternatives [Lumen5 Free Alternative to Vidnami]

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f you don’t like paying the monthly recurring fee that the Vidnami video software is charging for making videos then you might find this post worth your time
I am going to show you some alternatives to the vidnami video maker.

What is Vidnami

Vidnami is a video creation tool that takes audio or text you have previously created and turns it into visually appealing videos.

You can use it to create a full training video course, you can use it to create promotional videos and you can even use it to compliment your written content to a video that you can use to drive traffic from YouTube.

Vidnami takes your content and automatically finds images and video to compliment the words or audio you put in to the the editor

Actually its amazing to see the vidnami editor in action, it can really be a time saver.

In all honesty signing up for the 7 day free trial will let you take a full ride of the tool so you get a feeling of how it really works for whatever type of videos you want to create with the tool.

Vidnami Alternatives
Now a good and free alternative to vidnami will be the lumen 5 video editor.

What is Lumen 5?
Lumen5 is perfectly made for marketers, bloggers, and amateurs who want to make simple, great-looking, and informative videos
Lumen5 has a free version you can use if you don’t mind branding and lower than HD quality.

  • Lumen5 is arguably easier to use than Vidnami but it does cost more when you want to upgrade to remove branding and get access to the Pro features.
  • Another area that Vidnami actually outshines Lumen5 is in the voice tracks.
  • When it comes to creating content videos for YouTube, high converting sales videos and videos for your online courses, you need to have a voice track to properly convey your message in the video.
with the lumen video editor there is no feature to upload a recorded voice over which makes it lagging behind when compared with vidnami

Apart from the recent Avatar builder which takes these types of video creation to the next level, Vidnami is the only product with up to 4 flexible Voice Track Options to choose from

You can choose either to use

  • Music only,
  • you can Record your Voice Track in the app,
  • Upload a pre-recorded Voice Track or
  • just use the AutoVoice (Text-To-Speech)
Avatar Builder
So the new Avatar builder is the only alternative video editor that can really compete with vidnami because it basically have almost all if not all the features that the vidnami tool has with much more like the speaking avatar
Now before I show you how the avatar builder works, I will like to first draw your attention to one major difference between the vidnami editor and the avatar builder apart from the obvious which is the price

when it comes to the decision making of any of these tools there are four key factors that a buyer pay attention to and that includes

  • Ease of use,
  • the features,
  • Pricing and
  • Support
The Avatar builder actually ranks high on all the four key metrics with a combination of excellent focused features combined with their affordable pricing that is below market value compared to other similar online video editing tools.

You can get the Avatar editor for a one time payments as oppose to the vidnami tool which is a monthly recurring paid service.

Just check out how you can start using the avatar builder cloud base tool to create and make money with your videos

Click here to check out the Avatar Builder tool for your self.