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Apr 15, 2020
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Brisbane, Australia
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I found an excellent article which includes some good ideas for game videos.

Play games with other channels
Do an indie games spotlight
Share in-game footage
Cliffnote any video game
Break down any game in under 5-minutes
Reveal an easter egg
Show off a mod you made
Do a mechanics break down
Do a video game re-edit
Walkthrough video
Do a video game deep dive
Share a cutscene video
Ponder a shelved game (one that was announced but never released)
Ponder an old game
Do a developer deep dive
Edit an in-game skit
Discuss the game's MVP's
Share your optimized gaming setup
Do a gaming commentary
Deep dive into the history of video games
Show your gameplay highlights
Do a timed run-through
Share your perspective of a game
Dive into gaming news & events
Film yourself playing a game
Review a game emulator
Compare similar games

For more information please refer to the original article here:

Hope this helps !