Video games needed!

Anything new will attract viewers, such as Borderlands 3, the new Call of Duty, or any new game
Grand Theft Auto, Human Fall Flat, and Minecraft are all good games for having a goal in for the video
Lately I've been playing modern warfare, siege, overwatch, and vigor, but idk what games you're into

Hope this helped:)
I actually just uploaded a couple Call of Duty games. Got 4 more ready. Tomorrow, I'm getting a boom arm for my microphone and I'll be doing borderlands!
I would choose games which best compliment your personality; something that would elicit your best reactions and responses or allow for your best story telling and audience interactions. I don't know what games that would be because you know your own personality the best, but a great (very general) rule of thumb is anything that you're excited to play, your audience will be excited to watch.
I watch a LOT of gaming videos but I don't make them, that being said, I enjoy watching story games mostly but I also love watching people like Kosdff or Sharp play new releases like MW. it all depends on your personality. What games do you enjoy in your free time? do videos on those. It sucks when you go to click on a video of someone playing your favorite game and they're not enjoying it. It all just depends on your personality. Personally, id try cod troll vids, maybe a gameplay of the last of us part II when it comes out next year. I lean more towards stuff like that