Video embedding on website...


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I have a project that I am working on for next year and I have an issue with embedded video. We are going to have a YouTube Channel which I am familiar with but also a separate site that will need to access some of the videos.

On the site, which is Word Press, I need to have one main player that has an intro video embedded to it. We also have 4 other videos that we want to access on the site.

I would like to have an icon or small gif that the user can click and the video plays in the main player replacing the intro video.

I have worked on these many time using WMV Player but never using videos uploaded to YouTube.

Before I talk with the web person I want to make sure we can do this using embedded videos.
I would be easy to just embed the other video and have them play in a small window but two have text and it to hard to read.

I guess the site would almost mimic the layout of the YouTube Channel where you click the icon on the right and it plays in the main player. Hope this make sense.

Thanks in advance for any help.