Utorrent question

I tried getting FCP7 I couldn't do it it was too involved. I'm thinking of trying for adobe premeire I think it was called...
So I'm downloading Final Cut Pro 7 (if this works I'll be able to start doing green screen type stuff are you psyched?? Huh are ya??) and it's been downloading all night, it says it's 100 percent complete, and the little bar is totally full. It's literally been about 18 hours. But it's status says it is "seeding" and the little number that has a k beside it, is fluctuating up and down, it's not consistently shrinking or growing, just fluctuating up and down.

So does that mean it's still got work to do? Or is it actually done and I need to click on it or something? I've never done the torrent thing so I have no idea.

Beware man hacked copies can have nasty side effects. There is cheaper software out there if you want to green screen personally myself I would not touch hacked anything I would rather go without. Have you tried avs4you.com honestly their stuff is cheap and pretty decent if your starting out. That was the very first package I ever got and to this day I use their converters and from time to time use it as a second editing program to assemble already processed segments so I can have two pieces of software open at once.

Not to mention that torrents are rather illegal :D
So you want to be a pirate? Well be weary on the torrential seas. In fact seeding is illegal. Pirates by definition are greedy. Pirates don't seed.
Also Final Cut Pro 7 is the final final cut. Final Cut X is a complete redesign of the way that editing software emulates conventional film and video editing. While many voices are chiming in about the superiority of X, they are not taking into consideration the constraints of an intuitive drag and drop user friendly world-- at some point ease of use destroys complexity of operation. That being said, when I'm not working on my own projects with Guerrilla Day Project, I make my living as a picture editor. So my needs as a user are more demanding than a program like iMovie can handle. This is the direction that FCX is headed, so I've frozen my upgrades in the apple line. They've become a bit elitist towards kitchy feel good users, the industry users are feeling a bit slighted since the advent of the iPhone.