Using Partnership To Better Your Channel

Yes, bought new cameras, tripods, lights, and computer over time. Since I do toy car reviews, I often buy items to showcase on the channel. I don't have to though because I have a large collection already.
My first $20 I made I got a banner made (old layout, not used anymore)
I'm planning to save my money up towards getting a snowball mic for top voice quality during my commentaries & let's play series I'll be beginning soon.
I'm planning to pay for a new DSLR camera and a proper lighting kit with only earning from YouTube. I mean that might be in 2020, but I'm planning on it. :)
Already purchased a DSLR, video light, mic, and a GoPro with all its accessories, all from YouTube money - so have everything I need for my channel. Everything I make now therefore just goes into my bank account monthy - I dont keep YouTube earnings separate, so it could go on anything, from paying household bills, to feeding my gadget addiction! lol
Adsense .. from my blogs & now youtube .. just gets direct deposited in my bank and I honestly don't separate it from other income. However, my next investment will probably be video lighting. I have the Nikon D7000 for filming but all my lighting equipment now is pro photo lighting .. not continuous lighting. So, I want to buy that and maybe a green screen before throwing my face out on the tube. One cool thing about being a photographer .. I already have about $20K in gear that could end up being used on my new channel.