Tutorial: how to add text to video


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Sep 5, 2020
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Hello, I'm a 3D Rendering person and I also have a youtube channel talking about it.

Here I will not talk about 3D rendering. You can see it on my channel but here I want to share a few simple tutorials how to add text in filmora. yaps, I also use filmora to edit my channel videos.

1. The first step, as usual, run the Filmora program first, then import the video into the Media and then enter it into the Video Track.

2. The next step is to open the Titles menu, then select the text style you like then click the + icon to add elements to the Video track.

3. Then double-click to customize the appearance of the text, for example changing the text, font, size, style, color, position, rotation, scale, opacity and animation / motion.

4. Finally, you just render it into a video and then you upload it to YouTube or Instagram.

In this tutorial I use Filmora 9 Pc. Please adjust it if you are using a different version of Filmora
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