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I wanted to get the TubeBuddy app yesterday but then as I was signing up it asks you to provide permission to few things and you have to accept all otherwise you can't sign up. One of the permissions was "access to manage account" I found that odd with providing this app access to manage my account dont you think? There was another permission "access to post on my account".

So I ended up deleting the app because I wasn't comfortable providing that permission. What do you guys think?
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Those were some of my original concerns but I gave it a try and kept a close eye on it. The "manage my account" I can understand as it does have the capability to copy tags, annotations, etc to your video as well as analytics features. I have not seen it automatically post anything to my account on my behalf. But yeah technically the permission is there. @WeiseGamer has been helpful on his TubeBuddy topics here so I bet he'd wanna chime in :)
I've been using it for a while and so far, I've had 0 problems. I find it very useful for a number of things such as thumbnail generator, share tracking, keyword research as well as other things. I would say it is a pretty good tool to utilize. But ultimately, using it is up to you. :)