To YouTube stabilize, or not to YouTube stabilize

Should I use YouTube Stabilizing or not?

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that is the question.

Here's the original video....

And here's the one using YouTube's stabilizer

the YouTube stabilizer removed the shakiness, but it looks all warped and digitized.
I am going to say no, the shakiness may be bad but the second video makes me feel sick watching it, like when you've been in a car for too long or you're trying to read in a moving car and you get that headache :D Is there no way you could use your own stabilisation techniques on the parts that are really shaky like when you go outside? Stabilising sections of the video would probably look better I reckon.
I don't like the stabilised video :/ it looks really weird and tbh it should just be left as it is or maybe put the camcorder/phone in a tripod or holder i guess. Youtubes supposed improvement has made the video quality worse :(
As to the Stabilizer. The one with Stabilizer makes me feel sea sick, and the first one without, looks like "shake and bake" effect, even professionally created on purpose for shows like NYPD Blue, etc. to make it look like action/real, etc. It's more becoming than the second one
Well the idea is the be able to upload directly from my phone, so it passes the whole editing stage. I could probably edit and use my own stabilization, but it defeats the whole purpose of being able to upload on the road from my phone. :(
Im going to throw my hat in with the "no"s, although it did remove the shake, it made the video look really... weirdly digitized. Id much perfer watching the shakey video.