Tips on Creating an Appealing Channel Banner (2014)

Epic tips, very useful I have to say! But I think you missed a very important part ~ The dimensions of the channel banner. It would be nice to include them here, and to mention that for every device (TV, PC, tablet, mobile...) the banner will look different. I think that's what people would like to know, first of all, when creating a banner :) But hey, that was great anyways ;)
Good point, I'll see if I can get an update on it. This was made a while ago when we used to have the good old backgrounds back in the day :rolleyes:
Good advice! I'm in the process of trying to redo the art on my channel to something that has to do with me, these are some good tips thanks!
i love my channel art and icon it took me along time to make but im very happy with the results and feel they get the message across of what my channel is all about :D