Which App you use for making thumb nail?



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I have not heard of either but I am interested to learn about these/others. personally I use a picture for a thumbnail with no overlay graphics/wording but could be pursuaded to add them in future.
hmm.. what do you mean app? I'd not heard of those. I just assumed people people made their thumbnails on a computer on editing software.. Are peoples getting by doing this on their mobys. iPads?? I use photoshop any way. You can do quite a lot with that.
I have not heard of these photo/visual image editors myself. So I wouldn't be able to help out in seeing which one is better then the other.

But I personally enjoy using Photoshop (CS6 or CC) to currently make my thumbnails.
I haven't heard of "PIXEL LAB", although I have used Canva in the past for non-YouTube related projects. From what I've seen with regards to YouTube thumbnails, Canva is mediocre at best as it's mostly made up of pre-made templates.

Instead, I use possibly the closest thing to Photoshop CC/CS6 that is web-based - Photopea. It's a nice online version of Photoshop that gets the job done. I've actually switched from the actual Photoshop application to using Photopea. Might make a video on it in the near future.

I've also used Pixlr in the past, which is okay, but again, not as great at Photopea's editor.

Hope this helped, best of luck!