Thumbnail for vertical Videos not showing on feed (NOT SHORTS)


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hey there,

I recently uploaded a "normal" vertical video (meaining its 1080 x 1920, but longer than 1 minute).

I created an own thumbnail for it and put it there with youtube studio without issues.

If I go to my channel, the thumbnail shows up perfectly fine.

However I noticed myself and friends told me, that the thumbnail would not show up in the normal youtube feed / Timeline (however you call it^^). it shows a random snapshot from the video.

Is there a way to change that? As I said, it's NOT a YT short.
When you upload a vertical video on YouTube that is longer than 1 minute, you may encounter an issue where the custom thumbnail you set in YouTube Studio doesn't appear in the regular YouTube feed or timeline. Instead, YouTube automatically selects a random snapshot from the video as the thumbnail. However, you can influence which frame is chosen by strategically placing a visually appealing frame or creating a custom thumbnail at the beginning of your video. While YouTube's algorithm may still occasionally override your preferred thumbnail, following this approach can increase the chances of your desired thumbnail being displayed in the feed or timeline, providing a more engaging visual representation of your video to potential viewers.