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Chandler Meierarend

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Nov 13, 2013
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Kansas City, Mo
Network Name: The Whistle Sports Network

Time With Network: 3 months

Total Contract Renewals: 0

Review: My only previous network was the network, and they were terrible in every way, so comparing my current network with them, The Whistle Network is fantastic. Within the first week of partnering with them, I was on conference call with three people in their diferent locations, New York and Los Angeles. They helped me update my descriptions, upload times, my thumbnails, and even my banner art. They have been great at answering any questions I have, and have always offered to do another conference call or video chat if I need help on anything. And for being a channel who (at the time) only had 500 subscriptions, I thought that was fantastic.

Support Rating: 4/5 - I email them mostly once a week, sometimes more if I'm having a problem. They have generally been good about replying within a day. Sometimes, however, they aren't as fast as doing things as they first say.

Features Rating: 3/5 - I have yet to be on their Youtube channel, but they have featured me on their Twitter twice, one of the times because I needed help advertising a giveaway.
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