THE TIME IS NOW. Lockheed Martin - Mars Base Camp 2028


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May 5, 2018
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Lockheed Martin recently announced plans to set up a Mars base orbiting the red planet, known as ‘Mars Base Camp.’ During the International Astronautical Congress in late 2017, Lockheed Martin unveiled it’s plans for a Mars Base Camp initiative. The architecture would involve sending crews to the orbiting base camp where scientists and astronauts would be able to perform scientific experiments. Both on board the Mars Base Camp and on the surface of Mars, they would be able to perform experiments never done in the history of humanity. Lockheed Martin plans to ‘partner’ with other space organization to make this more of a reality. They currently are planning to incorporate NASA’s Orion spacecraft as part of the Mars Base. Along with being used in conjunction with the proposed NASA Lunar Deep Space gateway, which is being planned for an early 2020’s deployment, orbiting earth's moon. The Mars Base Camp may even be built at the Lunar Deep Space gateway. Lockheed Martin plans on the Mars Base Camp being fully complete and in orbit in 10 years, around the year 2028.