TGN/Broadband TV review

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Sep 30, 2015
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Network Name: Broadband TV (TGN specifically)
Time With Network: 6 months
Total Contract Renewals: 0
Review: So first off just a fair warning I fully think if you want to try out a partnership I say go for it.
You can get a million people to say something sucks but it doesn't mean you will think it sucks.
Just my 2 cents.

Anyways, TGN was okay, decent CPM , etc.

What was a really big deal was using a thing called CATALYST.
It was pretty much like a buffed up YouTube analytics, you could get help with tags and there was even a section where you could potentially find people to collab with.

Sounds awesome right?


Most of the things on CATALYST were not helpful or you could have just done it on your own in two seconds.

The tag portion were just stupid.

I had a video called "top ten worst GBA games" and I did all my tags.

I go on there to see what other options and they literally gave me the same results as the tags I already put on my video lol.

as for the section where you could collab with people everyone on there had either dying channels begging people to sub to them or if you post on it you get overrun by messages from people begging you to sub to them and even commenting on every one of your videos saying the same 5 or 6 words for each.

It was horrible.

For one of the biggest reasons to join this network it turned out to be a negative impact on my channel.

they offer other things as well but once again a quick search on YouTube can usually find what you need.

Sound effects, music, stuff like that.

The one good thing was my "manager" or however you want to call them was super nice and very easy to talk to.

Support Rating: 8
Features Rating: 1

Once again this was my experience, it did not help me grow, in fact more than anything it halted my progress with spam.
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