Lol i said in the begginning that i dont have photoshop anymore, thats why i didnt use it :)

I meant for Bryant or anyone else viewing the thread :) What are you using instead for it? if youre using GIMP you could try opening the PSD in it.
No problem, good to see you back on :)

Glad it helped :) I do recommend using the PSD file though that I linked to if you have Photoshop.
done! :p uploading a new bg soon that I just made with that template. I'm excited![DOUBLEPOST=1354500477,1354498838][/DOUBLEPOST]
I aint used it before, I know GIMP can open some PSDs with limited functionality.
Would you mind taking a look at how the BG came out? youtube.com/TheBryantCabrera

I edited using the template, but when I saved as jpg (just clicked save as jpeg in photoshop), it became the size 2000x2000. After uploading, it now looks too big.

Can you recommend what I can do to get it to fit properly? Should I have changed the size? If so, to what size?

Your help is greatly appreciated, thanks! :]