Struggling to get views

I think we all can relate to that I need more sub and channel views as well I would say hang in there keeps sting your ideas on twitter,fb,and other social sites tell your friends and family to watch.
I have hardly any views at the moment but I mainly make video's for fun and to help my fellow achievement whores :p

I guess it kinda goes by your mentality you need to work at it and enjoy making your content. (Not saying you don't) but that seems like a winning formula.
I'm glad to hear you are at least enjoying the process of making the videos. I know the feeling of putting in a lot of hard work then just seeing low view counts, it makes it look like it's all negative feedback. You just gotta do what you enjoy.

For me I still make regular videos because I have a group of friends that want me to update them and are there to watch my vlogs. That is enough to make me continue to make them.
For me I still make regular videos because I have a group of friends that want me to update them and are there to watch my vlogs. That is enough to make me continue to make them.

I agree!
In my case, my friends and girlfriend want me to continue entertaining them. Some of them were strict with how I should not facecam from the side but MUST BE from the front. So I had to learn to take criticism from them and try to do as they suggested.
It's fun to play games but can be a pain to edit unless you got the ideas that there are people waiting for you to entertain them. THAT to me is what I like doing, even in person when I'm hanging out with them. My friends were the ones suggesting that I should facecam because in person, I like to make funny reactions that they enjoy seeing.

Having friends with me has been helping me a lot on keeping this hobby alive! Main source of motivation and I never lose them! Slowly more people are gonna join and watch! Only thing that sucks is that a lot of my friends don't even subscribe to me nor comment directly on Youtube but they watch my videos from my facebook or something and then talk about it on FB or in person. It appears that I should always only facecam from now on, just for them... (and for other people)
Hey! I watched one of your most recent videos, and I get that Meatboy can be hard to talk over since you have to be on your toes, but your commentary should be fluid, talking the whole time making sure that you are commentating on whats happening, and your game audio is a little high so your voice is hard to hear. Just a little advice that I think might help, you don't have to change what your doing. I also suggest watching some of the bigger gaming channels, you can get some really good commentating tips just by watching their videos.
Good luck!
As said above; if you are making videos for subs/views, not for the love of creating videos.. you are doing it wrong.
Secondly; If you give up and quit, you are just joining the massive amount of channels who quit youtube because they didn't see the huge increase as they expected. YouTube takes patience. You need time to grow and develop your channel. My advice is just to keep creating, if you give up.. there is no chance for your channel.
Sorry I lost this thread in my history but I've watched your videos now, nice so far just need to talk a bit more in the Super Meatboy ones, but that's something you get over time, I'm in the same stage as you atm anyway. Good luck with growing your channel :D
To get more people to watch post video reponses to your videos likw attatch them to other videos with similar content. Dont give up ask people to watch you, comment and subscribe
Keep Uploading bro never give up because of that! But One thing that could help you out a ton is Reaching out to those who already love you because once when you do that others who dont know who could subscribe to you :) Trust me it has worked for me recently :)