Sometimes even Disney gets it wrong. Occasional Vlog #50

Occasional Vlog

I've Got It
It is not about being infallible that matters, is what you do when things go wrong.

Things don't always go right, even for Disney, but when something has been planned for over a year, when it goes wrong we feel particularly hurt. So it was with the Pirate and Pals Firework Voyage, an experience we had built up into what was going to be one of the key moments of the holiday, sitting in a boat, on seven seas lagoon, watching and listening to the Wishes firework spectacular. In the end, the experience was far less voyage and much more corner of the convention center car park.

People are asking us why the cruise section of the party had been canceled, the reason is as follows.

We were told, on arriving at the Contemporary Conference Center, that the voyage part of the event had had to be canceled because both of the boats that they used for the cruise had broken down.

We were also told that the organizers had contacted everybody booked onto the cruise to let them know about the change in plan, we didn't receive any message and neither had those we spoke to if we had we might have arranged some other way of spending the evening.