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This may well have been covered before, but I'm newish here. I've always noticed, ever since I was introduced to it in 2007, that the level of hatred on YouTube is through the roof! I mean, you're hard pushed nowadays to find a video that hasn't got people calling each other names and arguing about issues of race, politics and anything else. Most of the arguments completely stray from the subject of the video, too.

Why does this happen, and what are your thoughts?
In my opinion, those people have got nothing to do in their life, so they find this way to waste their time. I have watched many music videos, people tend to argue about race, religion, country war, language discrimination etc. You are right, most of the arguments are totally out of the subject. Most of the popular videos are full of unnecessary arguments.
Because theirs no real consequences to their actions, they have no reason to fit into civil society.
The answer is pretty simple. It's called the internet.

People are becoming more and more vocal on the net because it's (somewhat) anonymous. Those people were in this earth before, but you can hear, read and watch them much more easy these days.

You cannot say anything anymore without people being offended. Try to ignore most of it. :)
That's another thing. Leaving a comment of encouragement, or just making an observation on the video can lead to being completely shot down with replies.
I think you're painting YT with a very broad brush.

My channel has very little of that style of comment, as do many others.

Just because some subjects attract losers, doesn't mean that's the norm.

You just have to hit the "hide comments" button and they will magically go away.

Try it.

Welcome to the internet. The youtube comments have always been horrific. I might be in the minorty, but I feel like they improved some under the google plus integration from a year ago. But overall, especially on large channels, its an absolute waste of time to look down there.
Meh. Doesn't happen on my channels. But I'd welcome it, as it's "engagement" and would help with search rankings.

As has been said. Welcome to the internet.
Of course, we all know what the internet is like. I'm not surprised this happens, I just wondered why people thought it did!
I think its from youtube going from being a niche site, and a small community to something everyone and their cat uses.

I definitely felt like there's been a big change since 06, I got lots of positive comments on my awful MS Paint videos back then, people didn't ask for sub4sub, they would even let you know when they favourited or liked your video in the comments xD just seemed like a nicer community, now theres still a ton of lovely people, but theres also a lot of mean ones too

I think also the fact that money is involved now means there's a whole bunch of creators only there for money, and not interested in being involved in the community, and viewers can be a lot more harsh because the media will have them believe youtubers are rich and lazy.