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It can sometimes be difficult to get people to visit your website or affiliate product page if you’re not consistently posting fresh content online.

That's why many online businesses generate traffic by sharing curated content from relevant and reliable niche sources.

Frequently sharing, interesting, social media posts that is relevant and reliable to your targeted niche will help establish your credibility in that audience

but what if you could take it a step further by snatching traffic from that same post to your website, and build a list or send them directly to your affiliate offers


Now you will agree with me that there is a lot of traffic on social media sites especially on those social sites that support groups like facebook and pinterest

The only way to get some of the traffic from these social sites is by posting your content or offers

But again too much self problem is not aloud in most of the social groups

If you join a facebook group for example and start posting links that lead to your site, blog or affiliate product you will be considered as a spammer and your account in some cases may be blocked from the group

So the only way to generate traffic from these types of forums is by engaging in them

That means you will be required to keep posting fresh content, comment on other peoples post and help anyone you can

Now if you do not have much time, my guess is you may probably chose to keep posting fresh content as a way of engaging in the group

Posting fresh content can be as simple as posting other people's content that you think is valuable to those in your social circle.

So for example If I come across an informative post on affiliate marketing for beginners from a high authority website like cnn or Wikipedia,

I can simply copy the link head over to whatever social site or group I would like to post in, type in some thing like I found this post on whatever the Title of the post is and end up by saying I thought it might be of value to you guys that's it

Anyone who is interested will click through to the high authority website and read the entire post

Now the purpose of doing all that is just to build credibility in that social sphere so that when you post a self promoted offer many people will click through to check it out because they already know your post are always valuable

So basically you post valuable content to gain authority and the owner of the content gets free traffic

One major flaw of doing things like that is ….you’re driving traffic to other business websites and most importantly, away from your anyway they could get to your offer

When people click on your post and get to another site the website owners gain a new traffic not you

But what If there was a way to direct people back to your website or offer from the post links you share on social sites

It’s time to introduce the answer to that, snatchit!


This handy tool allows you to add custom messages to any website page which will link back to your own site or affiliate offer

The tool “doesn’t actually alter the original page you are linking people to, so you’re not actually making any changes to the web page itself!

SnatchIt simply creates a special link where the original page is loaded in the background and your message is loaded on top of it.”

Now snatchit is not the first of its kind online there have been similar and effective tools like snatchit, for example you have sniply which does the same thing and many other tools

The problem is the other similar tools that have already been online for a while will require you to pay a monthly fee to keep using it whereas with snatchit, its a one time payment of less than $20

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So as you have seen snatch it is for Anyone who is ready to start getting results with free traffic…without EVER having to do any work

It's also for Anyone who wants to cash in on easy affiliate sales while doing the least amount of work

Now if you are fed up with not being able to figure out building your own sites and converting visitors to buyers you might want to give this tool a try

If you are interested, I have put together a bonus page of extra advance traffic generation methods as well as other useful tools that will help you with your online marketing, if you decide to pick snatchit up through this link