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Will Steger

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Hey all, I'm Will, 18 yrs old. I do coin videos and vlogs. Very small channel right now, (about 16 subs and 650 views) but i try to make more content whenever i have time. I want to create a community group of channes and creators that help each other out, give tips to each other, promote each other a lot, do some video collaborations, etc. We would each have our OWN channels, but we can come up with a name that we'd call ourselves if we want, so for example my intro might be "Hey all, I'm WIll from the VlogBros community" or something. Also in this case, VlogBros could be another channel we all share and that would be like group videos that the majority if not all of us in the group would be in, such as video games, or just talking about stuff in a skype call or whatever. I will be making a google forms questionare pretty soon and email the link to anyone who emails me requesting it. My email is WillStegerVlogging@gmail.com
email me if youre interested in this. Thanks!
YT: Will Steger