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Some people may know my failed podcast 'The Elpixion Morning Podcast' (TEMP) this time around i actually know how to make a proper podcast and push to sites like iTunes, Google Podcasts, Anchor, CastBox, etc. So i am starting a brand new podcast,
the Full Summary Will Be Below But The TL;DR Version Is:
If you are interested in being on a podcast for an interview and you have a okay-ish mic and can be kinda flexible with times then email: credittocreators@gmail.com with a summary of your content and a link to your channel (or reply to this thread but i dont really check yttalk more than a couple times a day)
Full Summary:
Credit to creators (C2C) is a podcast for any type of creators, blogger, vlogger, gamer, youtuber, snapchatter, instagrammer, musically, facebook. any sort of social media influencer. In this podcast i ask questions sbout a creators backstory/ where they are from, what motives did they have that caused them to want to create the content they are creating, i plan to have guests from all over the world, from all nationalities and all sizes of influencers, the plan of this podcast is never to promote other influencers or myself, its to show the world the diversity of the internet and how many possibilities and opportunities there are for people. Hopefully i can upload this podcast weekly (will record episodes multiple times a day if i have to)