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From today all threads posted regarding so called "scam YouTube networks" and "scammer MCN owners/network owners" that are posted without solid evidence of actual scamming will be deleted or edited without notice.

We do not tolerate members signing up and posting XYZ network is a scam making accusations without posting any kind of proof at all and we are putting our feet down hard on these kinds of threads.

Almost all of these accusations are from those who upload copyrighted content to their channels after being partnered and then go onto complain when their channel is terminated by YouTube and their money is not paid to them by their network.

Unfounded or otherwise misinformed accusative posts and such "scam" threads will result in account suspension and creating multiple accounts to circumvent this will result in all accounts and IP addresses being permanently banned.

We hope that having this in place will help keep this forum clean of false accusations of scamming when the vast majority of the time that is not the case.

Thanks for reading.
Not open for further replies.