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Jan 7, 2012
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Network Name: RPM
Time With Network: 2 years

Okay, so I was with TGN for few months before shifting with RPM on September 2012. I applied to TheGameStation though, and happy and immature I was, I accepted it even though it says RPM on the contract. First year was awesome. It was my golden day too, earning from $80-$140 per month, bought it for equipments and legit recorder (Bandicam), and I was gaining from 6 subs to 12 subs a day. Though, I think it's because my videos suddenly bloomed and became viral. but it also, maybe, because partnership was still hard earned back then that if you're a partner, you're instant famous or something. My growth became stale when YouTube updated their SEO, though I gained my 1,000th subs on my 2nd year with them. Nothing really happened on the 2nd year, they put up a threshold which I hate. $50, my views dropped so did my earning, so it took me 3 months to get paid. I don't really see why they do that though.

I never had problems with their site or anything, I never stay there for atleast an hour, just a casual check on their forum here and there, which I think all members there are just there to beg for subscribers. Support is quick in my opinion, they took for 1 - 12 days., but usually 1-3 days.

Features ... I guess having free royalty music helped me create my trailer, intro and outro, so it's a plus. The analytics on their site looks pretty cool, though I only check it once or twice a month.

Contract...60/40 is a very ugly split and 90 days-non-renewal process BS that they put up on my contract which usually ends with confusion on their end because they don't actually look what's written in my contract.

That's my review.

TL:DR; In short, RPM is a decent network with average features and an above average support. They have a contract with audiomicro so you can have free royalty music. They have an ugly $50 threshold.

Support Rating: 8/10 - Very Satisfied
Features Rating: 6 - 10 - it's average.
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